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A web site hosted by the East Main Street congregation located Stockton, CA. Features monthly articles, weekly "Penpoints," resources for studies in ethics, apologetics, and religious teachings.

Published since 1981, Reason & Revelation includes articles on biblical inspiration, God’s existence, Creation/evolution, the deity of Christ, and other topics in the field of modern apologetics. Most are written on a popular level for readers wanting an in-depth biblical approach but, on occasion, articles address more Challenging scientific, social, and religious controversies.

Here you will find over 1000 sermons and Bible studies in HTML and PDF format by Mark A. Copeland. They are called "executable" because they were first distributed in an executable DOS program. The name has been retained for Mark has been told "These outlines really execute!" (ex·e·cute: perform or carry out what is required).

The annual Lake Tahoe Family Encampment (TFE) will again be held at The Tahoe Valley Campground.

Search over 5 million places for nearby churches of Christ.

Key to the Kingdom is an outreach minstry using television media,primarily Inspiration Network, to provide free Bible lessons. The program is supported completely by numerous Churches of Christ and Christians throughout the world. is a website combining the efforts of the North Institute for Educational Technology and the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University. This site requires a one-time free login, the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the Bible study lessons, and a Macromedia Flash player to view the site.

We are an Extension School for Sunset International Bible Institute. Please click the picture for more information on sunset and the courses listed in their catalog.

World Bible School - Free Bible Correspondence Courses!

House to House Heart to Heart exists for the world to learn more about the Bible, the Lord, and the church. To God be the Glory.

Focus Press - A Time For Focus. Gods word is the most powerful force on earth. It encourages, strengthens, corrects, and offers the way of salvation for Gods crowning creation - Mankind. But, it all begins by renewing our minds.At Focus Press, we desire all people everywhere to come a full understanding, of true Christianity. Unfortunately,
there is much confusion when it comes to the world of religion. Focus Press was formed to publish materials based on the inspired Word of God. Resources that are designed to provide understanding and clarity when it comes to issues that are, quite frankly, sometimes very difficult to comprehend. Thats why we began publishing Think magazine in January of 2006. Why such an unusual title for a Christian magazine? Our ultimate goal is to provide reasonable answers for those who are seeking the truth. Think deals with difficult topics such as, stem cell research, intelligent design, cloning, abortion, homosexuality and other social issues that affect us as we live in an increasingly perplexed society. There are regular departments that will deal with practical ways to pass our faith to the next generation, how to incorporate our faith into daily living, issues that are unique to women, how to be good stewards of our blessings, and a host of other regular columns designed to strengthen those who are already committed to living for Christ.